MacDonald High School-Pollinators

Students of the MacDonald High School Nature Club is an exciting group dedicated to preserving wildlife and their natural environment. This year’s initiative included creating a Pollinators Garden in a concerted effort towards having a positive impact on nature. Having the students create and support a project on their own has also been a huge boost to their school pride!

The project itself required students to build, install and maintain a large, 20 by 20 foot garden planter. Moreover, cement seats or stumps were set-up for observers to watch the positive environmental transition in action. This year specifically included the addition of a bird feeder, butterflies, bats and some painted mural projects around the school.

More experienced Nature Club members helped guide newer students to be more aware and careful with their natural footprints. They even have plans to join the Health and Wellness Fair and speak during morning announcements at their school to reach out and enthusiastically spread awareness! The whole project has garnered a big sense of belonging and pride for all those involved!

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MacDonald High School

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