Lindsay Place High School-Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner project began as peer mentoring group initiative with the students from Lindsay Place High School. The activity was aimed towards fostering learning within the LIFE program for young adults with special needs. The primary goal was to promote a more collaborative effort involving all students within a more inclusive, social environment.

Students formed small groups, including one LIFE student, and started studying plans for their unique fidget spinner designs. This included cutting more than 80 pieces of wood, operating the drill press, using high grade sand paper, varnishing/staining and finally, testing! Students even went as far as to etch each of their own spinners with a special engraving. All while working together effectively!

The whole project was such a huge success that the students actually ran out of fidget spinners during their open house giveaway. They even began ‘taking orders from visiting perspective students! Since then, the program has evolved even further and has become a completely student-led project which affects social change.

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Name of School

Lindsay Place High School

Name of Project

Lindsay Place High School