Lindsay Place High School-Sensory Wall

Self-regulation skills are something that can affect anyone the Sensory Wall project was established by the students of Horizon High School and Lindsay place High School to help keep kids stimulated in a safe, controlled environment.

Constructing the wall, named “Jagher” by the students, was a monumental task. Small groups could each create their own unique, interactive panel that could help engage kids relieve stress, anxiety and keep focused. These different sections consisted of diverse textures, materials and colors which were arranged in a fun, safe atmosphere.

While all students learned valuable woodworking skills, the true benefit was being able to work closely with LIFE students with special needs develop lasting friendships with their peer mentors. At the end of the project, the Sensory Wall was donated to a Lester B. Pearson primary school and promoted to other schools or daycares in the community.

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Name of School

Lindsay Place High School

Name of Project

Sensory Wall