Lakeside Academy-The Lunch Time Art Club & The Gardening Club

The Lunch Time Art Club was an initiative that came from a group of students who thought that there was not enough to do during lunchtime and felt like doing some art projects without the structure of a class.  They decided to open up a club combining a variety of different art forms that include but are not limited to painting, drawing and sculpting.

At the end of the year, the students will host an art show where they will display their pieces.  They also have the option of submitting their artwork to the school to be displayed in Lakeside’s student lounge.

Another interesting project was the Gardening Club, which consists of 10 students who meet once per week, and come up with ideas and plans on how to use gardening to positively affect change on the environment. 

Lakeside is home to a makeshift greenhouse, a space that has become the catalyst of Lakeside’s attempts at making changes that will positively affect the environment.

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Name of School

Lakeside Academy

Name of Project

The Lunch Time Art Club & The Gardening Club