Horizon High School-Gardening & Seeding Project

Horizon High School’s Gardening and Seeding Project was a eco-friendly initiative from students looking to learn the basics of building, growing and caring for their very own vegetable garden. Maintaining their garden was a wonderful opportunity for those involved to learn more about responsibility!

Right from the start, everyone agreed that it was important to properly plan and construct their garden area. When the time as right, students began planting their seeds in the spring with daily watering, fertilizing, ‘de-weeding’ and constant attention. All while making sure the plants had enough room and resources to grow was essential for helping them grow into hearty, healthy crops. The group also planted two apple trees in school’s courtyard for all to enjoy and in the memory of two former Horizon students. After many weeks, the vegetables were ready for harvesting and the students made salads, pesto as well as other foods that were shared among their classmates.

The Gardening and Seeding was an amazing project which allowed students to create their very own garden while building amazing life skills at the same time. Much like the garden, students definitely had a chance to grow and reach their full potential!

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Name of School

Horizon High School

Name of Project

Gardening & Seeding Project