Beaconsfield High School-The Innovator’s Workshop

THE INNOVATOR’S WORKSHOP began with the ideation of a Mouse Trap Car, a few grade-10 students from Beaconsfield High School and some brainstorming sessions to find the most efficient means to propel the car.  The following year, the workshop was launched, students purchased a 3D Printer, power tools, hand tools, as well as various electronic devices such as Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos.

As word got around about the project, some teachers requested assistance to create (or to fix) some devices, such as game buzzers and shot clock repairs.  Students also benefited from mentor’s support facilitated by John Abbott College’s students and Concordia University’s professors.

The goal was to give students the opportunity to work on various engineering projects while at the same time benefiting the community by providing services related to equipment repair and teaching learning aids.  Two years after the start of the project, Innovator’s Workshop has been a resounding success.

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Name of School

Beaconsfield High School

Name of Project

The Innovator’s Workshop