Collège Saint-Louis-Couture Eco-Responsable

Couture Eco-Responsable was an entrepreneurial project started by the students of College St.-Louis this past year. The entire workshop had students learn the ins-and-outs of the fashion business where they designed, fabricated and sold their very own clothing. All products were made with the focus on zero waste and the environment! After attending several introductory classes on sewing from Ethical Fabrique, a local eco-friendly organization, students were able to practice and put their new found seamstress skills to the test.

Students decided on which products they wanted to produce which would be sold at a later date. Some of the options included aprons, pencil cases, lunch bags, clothes, as well as many more products. At the Green Bazaar, students had a chance to actually sell their newly made creations and had to rely on their entrepreneurship to effectively run their environmentally-conscious fashion company.

From beginning to end, the whole Couture Eco-Responsable project was a huge hit and the students of College St-Louis learned a ton about running a business with an eco-friendly attitude!

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Collège Saint-Louis

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Couture Eco-Responsable