Collège Saint-Louis-The Fab Lab

The Fab Lab was a cooperative project that involved eight schools from the Marguerite Bourgeoys School Board working together to design, create and produce custom apparel or clothing for different community events. This type of entrepreneurship required students to effectively plan their business model, establish a product and market it to the community.

With the help of local funding, students were able to purchase some much needed equipment to help with the construction of their own samples as well as the capability to use mass production. A lot of testing was required before settling on the final designs! Some of the projects included printing logos on t-shirts, embroidering patches, buttons, award plaques, among other services. Students would often come into class with rough sketches which were then voted on before moving forward. After which, all of the final designs were digitized by the students using computer software making them ready for production.

After all was said and done, the whole Fab Lab project was a great experience for students looking to learn more about managing their own business with a community focus. Participants were also able to volunteer their time which proved to be a truly rewarding experience for all!

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Name of School

Collège Saint-Louis

Name of Project

The Fab Lab